Bodies of the Association

Plenary assembly The supreme body of the Association is the plenary assembly. Plenary assembly sessions include all members of the Association. As a rule, it is convened once in a year. The powers of the plenary assembly include approval of bylaws, rules of procedure, and approval of annual reports. It elects and revokes members of the presidium and of the auditing commission. It makes decisions in the most important issues of the Association.
Auditing commission The auditing commission is an inspecting body of the Association. It performs inspections of Association’s management, supervises adherence to bylaws and decisions of the plenary assembly. Its members have access to complete agenda and documentation of the Association.          
Presidium Between plenary assembly sessions, the operation of the Association is managed by the presidium, the membership of which is an honorary function. Presidium makes decisions in all issues unless the same fall within the exclusive powers of the plenary assembly. Presidium is responsible for its operation to the plenary assembly.          
President and vice presidents President is elected by the presidium. His/her role is to represent the Association externally. Jointly with vice presidents, the president is responsible for his/her activity to the presidium.
General secretary General secretary is an executive body of the Association and manages its day-to-day operations. He/she has the right to represent the Association. He/she is responsible for performance of services with respect to membership and manages regional sites.
Regional assemblies and committees Regional committees deal with the issues of the respective region’s membership and are responsible to the regional assembly. Regional assembly is convened by the chairperson of the regional committee as needed by the region’s membership.          
Professional groups Professional groups constitute the professional and consulting base of the Association. Their formation and activity is decided by the presidium.

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