ČESMAD Slovakia is a member of

International Road Transport Union (IRU)

The  International Road Transport Union was established on 23 March 1948  in Geneva (Switzerland) and has the status of an advisory body to the  United Nations (UN). The main goal of this non-governmental organisation is to concentrate and represent the interests of  international road transport. IRU is also an international guaranteeing organisation within the TIR system (Customs Convention on the International Transport of Goods under cover of TIR Carnets), which was established in 1959 under the auspices of ECE/UN.

ČESMAD Slovakia is a guaranteeing association within the meaning of the TIR Convention, which authorises it to issue TIR carnets to  transport operators. It executes and maintains the agenda of TIR carnets and other customs documents on the basis of an agreement with the Customs Directorate of the Slovak Republic according to principles laid down by the IRU and acts as a national guaranteeing association within the TIR system. The customs section of the Association dealing with these issues provides the following services: maintains an agenda of complaints and customs claims originating from transports on the basis of TIR carnets, maintains an agenda of TIR carnets issued to Slovak transport operators in foreign countries and to foreign transport operators in Slovakia, performs inspection of returned TIR carnets in the SAFETIR system, ensures transfer of information on TIR carnets released in the territory of  the Slovak Republic in accordance with the Recommendation of the  Administrative Committee for the TIR Convention of 1995, provides the Customs Directorate of the Slovak Republic with information on transport operators admitted and excluded from the TIR system (TIRxB), ensures transfer of information on TIR carnets issued and  returned to the IRU central database, maintains an agenda of all types of guarantees (basic, additional, special, risk guarantees), ensures contacts with TIR system insurers on the level of international insurance pool, provides assistance to transport operators in problems with customs authorities.

National Union of Employers (NUE)

The National Union brings together and represents employers from all sectors of the economy, including industry, construction, energy, trade, services, tourism, banking and insurance, the IT sector and pharmacy. NUE is respected by the members of the tripartite - Economic and Social Council of the Slovak Republic, thanks to which we participate in the creation of all fundamental laws in the field of labor law, social, tax and wage. In dialogue with the government, we promote measures in favor of a favorable business environment based on the principles of legislative predictability and equal opportunities for all. 

Automotive Industry association of the Slovak republic (AIA SR)

The Association of the Automotive Industry of the Slovak Republic is a voluntary association of legal entities (companies, enterprises, production cooperatives and other legal entities) operating in the areas of: research, development, production and sale of motor vehicles and trailers, design and manufacture of tools and special equipment for the automotive and related industrie, import and trade of motor vehicles, training of profesionals for the automotive, supply and related industries, as well as service and operation of road vehicles.


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