ČESMAD Slovakia is an association of road transport  operators of the Slovak Republic representing interests of its  members -transport operators vis-ŕ-vis ministries, central  authorities of state administration of the Slovak Republic as well as  other authorities, organisations, and associations in an effort of  developing the road transportation and making it prosperous.

More about the Association

ČESMAD Slovakia from legal standpoint
  The  association of road transport operators of the Slovak Republic ČESMAD  Slovakia was established on 7 June 1992. As indicated by the bylaws  of the Association, ČESMAD Slovakia is a legal entity operating in  the field of international and domestic road transport.

Secretariat of the Association
  The Association  is headquartered in Bratislava. The secretariat of the Association  provides its members with various services and coordinates the  activity of regional sites in Banská Bystrica, in Košice and  in Nové Zámky.

Regional sites
  Regional sites are established  as needed in locations with higher concentration of Association’s  members. The objective thereof is to assist the members in solving  issues and provide certain secretariat services at regional level.

What do we do for our members?   

  • We represent them vis-ŕ-vis ministries and central  authorities of state administration, other authorities, organisations  and associations,
  • We arrange visas for professional drivers,
  • We arrange VAT refunds,
  • Based on an authorisation from the  Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications of the Slovak  Republic, we hand over international transport permissions to perform  international road-, passenger- and freight transport,
  • We  issue a professional monthly named Kilometer and other non-periodical  publications,
  • We execute and maintain the agenda of TIR  carnets and other customs documents on the basis of an agreement with  the Customs Directorate of the Slovak Republic according to  principles laid down by the IRU,
  • We provide transport  operators with current traffic information and attempt to solve their  problems on roads and border crossings,
  • We ensure insurance of  TIR carnets,
  • We organise professional training courses and  seminars,
  • We provide current traffic information on the  Association’s web site,
  • We take part in  sessions of commissions on the issues of international and domestic  road transport with the objective of solving them,
  • Our efforts  are aimed at development and prosperity of road transport in Slovakia  and furthering of interests of our members,
  • We provide our  members with consulting and other services concerned with  international and domestic road transport,
  • Our effort is to  promote interests of our members in creating optimum legislative  conditions supporting development of transport and harmonisation of  national legislation with that of the European Union,
  • We  assume positions with respect to professional capacity, financial  reliability and moral integrity of our members in accordance with  legal regulations of the Slovak Republic.

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