Basic Instructions for Foreign Hauliers

Postpaid Toll Regime through fuelling credit cards companies

CESMAD Slovakia recommends foreign road transport operators to make the contract on the use of specified road sections as well as the contract on provision of On-Board Unit through fuelling credit cards companies like DKV, Shell, UTA, OMV etc.

The advantage of this is that the road transport operator need not to issue any other guarantee to Toll System Operator because this guarantee is provided by one of mentioned companies.

The fuelling credit card companies should provide activated On-Board Unit to the road transport operator.

The road transport operator needs to obtain OBU fixed assembly to the vehicle in case of the Postpaid Toll Regime too. The procedure for OBU fixed assembly is here.


Postpaid Toll Regime with bank guarantee

Road transport operator that do not use the services of fuelling credit card companies has to ask its bank to issue a bank guarantee.

Minimum financial guarantee issued on the behalf of Toll System Operator in case of Postpaid Toll Regime is 600 EUR per vehicle.

The guarantee issued by the bank of road transport operator is a subject of consecutive verification yet. The bank guarantee approval can take few days.


Prepaid Toll Regime at border

Prepaid Toll Regime can be arranged by the truck or bus driver at Border distribution points. The driver needs to have at least 100 EUR.

  • 50 EUR OBU guarantee - possible to pay with credit card or cash
  • 50 EUR minimum credit per OBU - possible to pay with credit card, fuel card or cash


Needful for smooth registration
For the registration the Vehicle Operator has to provide complete and correct data, the extent of which depends on whether the operator is a legal entity, a natural person – entrepreneur or a natural person. The data provided is verified through various types of documents. In general, we may say that you will need to submit the original or a certified photocopy of the following documents in particular:

  • identity card or passport
  • vehicle registration certificate
  • trade certificate, or concessionary deed, or extract from the Companies Register (or another certification of legal personality)
  • banking details (information on account number)
  • EURO norm certificate

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